Manufacturers of kids bunkbeds in the UK and Europe with names such as Thuka, Parisot, Thomas B Bailie, Cilek and Scallyway, Stompa

A BunkBed is an ideal way to save space in a kids bedroom. Here we feature some of the most popular manufacturers in Europe.

Manufacturers of Kids Bunkbeds UK and Worldwide

Some wonderful and stylish creations have evolved over the years, however the basic design and principle of bunkbeds hasn't really changed that much over this period. A variation in manufacturing techniques, materials and colours has given us a great selection to choose from.

Manufacturers of Kids bunkbeds in Europe and the UK. Julian Bowen, Thuka, Cilek, Parisot, and many more bunkbed factories in Europe.

Most Popular Bunkbed Manufacturers

Below is a list of some of the most popular bunkbed manufacturers, together with their country of origin

Thuka Bunkbeds
This is a Danish company who for more than 50 years have been manufacturing kids bunkeds and other bedroom furniture. They belong to the Flexa Group of companies and have become one of the most popular choices for kids bunkbeds in the UK today.

Scallywag Bunkbeds
Cresta Pine is the company behind Scallywag bunkbeds and bedroom furniture design. The Scallywag name came to life from an idea of a sister and brother which has since grown into a well recognised company producing quality childrens furniture.

Developing a range of self -assembly kid bedroom furniture Matthew and Jason Leech have created a range of unique designs under the brand of Kidsaw that are regarded as the most innovative in the UK today.

Originating in France, Parisot bunkbeds and children's furniture are the largest producer in Europe of Kids Furniture with over 60 years experience in the industry,

A Norweigan manufacturer with a reputation throughout Europe for high quality children's furniture who have supplied the UK market with design lead kids furniture since the 1980s.

Thomas B Bailie
Irish manufacturer Thomas B Bailie has been making "high end" kids furniture for over 165 years. The designs are unique and capture the cartoonist skills of the original artist.

Julian Bowen
This manufacturer has been supplying the UK retailer for over 20 years and provides quality kids bedroom furniture at affordable prices. Julian Bowen Bunkbeds and childrens furniture are available in most high street stores and specialist online retailers for kids bunkbeds.