Children's Loft Beds

Children's Double Loft Beds

Children's Bedroom Furniture Loft Beds for use in smaller bedrooms with little space or badly shaped rooms

A double loft bed is a space saving piece of furniture allowing storage underneath.

Double Loft Beds for Children's Bedrooms

Double Loft Beds are for families that don't have a lot of bedroom space for their kids. Children are also longing for a place where they can take things easy or where they can have their own beds.

Double loft beds are a solution to the problem of space. Kids will definitely get the impression of privacy with these beds. Infact most universities provide their dormitories with double loft beds. Single Loft Beds are also available.

Double Loft Beds are useful if you have an awkward shaped loft bedroom. You can use the space much better with one a loft bed

Like any bed, a double loft bed can also come in many variations of shapes, styles and size.

They can be manufactured with wood or steel. If you are thinking of buying a double loft bed, remember to allow for your child growing and don't purchase a bed exactly the same size. Make sure the bed will be comfortable for them as they get older and grow more.

Double Loft Beds

A double loft bed is a bunk bed that has the bottom bunk removed, leaving only the top bunk (with double mattress). It creates an open space underneath that can be used as a work area or for things like cabinets or computer workstations.

This image shows Loft Bed in a typical Boys bedroom. Room colours are blue and turquoise with lots of space underneath the top bunk

Double Loft beds are an efficient way to use small spaces by making use of the entire vertical area that would otherwise be left useless. They are available in many themes, colours and materials to suit both boys and girls rooms. Don't forget the perfect flooring choice for your loft! Carpet Tiles provide a comfortable and practical solution allowing you to replace only one tile in the event of damage or spillages. Carpet tiles come in many different textures and colours to suit both office or commercial environments or domestic use, such as for kids bedrooms etc.