Loft Beds

Loft Beds

Children's Bedroom Furniture

Loft Beds are the perfect way to utilise space in a smaller kids bedroom

Small Childrens Bedrooms and Loft Beds

These make great use of space and are brilliant for sleep-overs and rooms with more than one child.

Lofts are the perfect novelty bedroom for kids if large enough to furnish with a bed. Because of the small space they tend to be painted bright colours to make the room look bigger and at the same time keeping the children happy.

Adult or child, there's always one available to suit the job, however the height underneath the bed does not give a tall adult a lot of headroom.

a useful way to utilise space in a small loft is to fit loft beds. Kids will appreciate the fun and adventure of a nice bright room and the novelty of being able to sleep in their own private space.




Making a decision on the correct loft beds can be the difference between a room being loved or hated, so be carful with your choice and be sure to measure your room space and the bed before you purchase. If your loft is large enough you may be able to fit in a double loft bed. Visit our Kids bunk beds section for more information on a variety of other options.