Mattresses for Kids Beds

Mattresses for Kids Beds

Children's Bunk Bed Mattresses are manufactured in a variety of different forms and options

A Kids bed mattress is an important purchase to make. It therefore justifies thought and trying out different brands before you make a purchase. A good mattress is essential for a good nights sleep and also helps posture and the spine.

Comfortable Bunk Bed Mattresses for Children

What is a mattress?

A mattress is a soft pad, which when placed on a bed frame provides a comfortable surface on which to sleep.

Mattresses may be also laid directly onto a floor, however they are normally put top of a bed frame or base to raise it from the floor. Bunk bed mattresses can rest on a frame frame on which could be solid, or elastic with metal box springs. A flexible bed base can lenghten the life of mattresses.

A mattress may be filled with a variety of materials, including feathers or straw, however the modern day mattress usually contains either an inner spring core or fillings such as viscoelastic, latex, and a range of other polyurethane-type foams. They can also be filled with water or air, and a range of natural fibres.


Image shows a cross section of bunk bed matresses. the inner coil springs are shown which provide the comfort and softness