Children's Beds

Children's BunkBeds

Kids or Children's Bedroom Furniture advice on how to pack more into small bedrooms or different shaped rooms such as lofts. Sleeping is one of the most important things we do, so therefore a relaxing and comfortable bunk beds are critical

A Kids bedroom is a private room where they can usually sleep for the night or relax and play during the daytime. A wide variety of beds are available to suit different bedroom styles, sizes and shapes. These include the many types of bunkbeds options from loft beds to high sleeper beds. Mid Sleeper Beds are also available the difference being a slight variation in height off the floor. Again, seeing these type of bed in reality is a must to check if your child will be able to comfortably reach and get into bed!

Children's Furniture and BunkBeds for Kids

Bunk beds consist of one bed on top of the other. The reason bunk beds exist is to allow two people to sleep in the same room minimising the floor space used.

They are usually supported by 4 pillars (usually wooden) one at each corner of the bed and as the top bed is quite high off the ground, a ladder is used to access it.

Kids Bunk Beds and Themed Loft Beds

Bunk Beds vary quite a bit in price from cheap models made from metal or light wooden frames with mattresses are supported by metal wire and springs to much more expensive types made from quality hardwood complete with shelves and drawers etc. Themed beds for kids are also available for boys and girls rooms.

Kids Space Saving Bedroom Furniture utilising space in small rooms. Image shows ladder fitted to access the top. The frame is made from wood and is coloured in black and white paint finish although other options and colours are available to order.

Other variations exist such as Beds For Lofts which take up less space than the traditional sizes and futon bunk beds which have a seating area on the lower bunk that can be converted into a bed easily.

Construction Materials for Kids Beds

The two popular choices for construction are metal and wooden. While both materials are perfectly secure, safe, and provide a great building material for a bunk bed, some people may decide on one or the other for personal tastes. Whichever construction material you decide on, follow all the manufacturer's instructions for assembly very carefully!
Wood and metal are the most common materials used for bunk beds and indeed other furniture alike, this is because both materials are strong and when used and cared for correctly, can last an extremely long time. More information and advice on buying cheap bunk beds.

The disadvantages and advantages of bunk beds material

There are no significant differences in quality or longevity of a wooden bunk bed or one manufactured from metal. They are both equally as good and provide a stable and secure framework. However as time progresses a wooden bed will grow weaker and the metal will rust (especially in damp rooms) and then both will eventually become unustable.

Since both materials are similar, why make the choice? This really depends on what your other bedrom furniture is constructed from, you may wish to pick the metal option to compliment the other materials in your room, or vice versa with wood. There are other choices for example metal and wooden material combinations. A lot of beds today are made from both wood and metal for that maximum strength and compatibility with other furniture. Have you considered white bunk beds which are more universal as far as boys and girls rooms are concerned, and will match most colour schemes.

Loft Beds - What is a Loft Bed

Loft beds are bunk beds that have the bottom bunk removed, leaving only the top bunk. It creates an open space underneath that can be used as a work area or for cabinets and drawers etc. Loft beds are useful if you have small bedrooms. If you have a large family, you could also consider Double Loft Beds which will increase sleeping space without taking much more room space.

Loft Beds for a Boys Room showing space underneath for chairs and cabinets or play area. These provide an invaluable way to store toys and computers without taking up the traffic areas within the room


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Loft beds are an efficient way to use small spaces by making use of the entire vertical area that would otherwise be left unused. Some loft beds even have stowable beds while retaining the possibility of using workstations and drawers etc.

Manufacturers of these products are plentiful with some of the main companies / brands being; Thuka, Stompa, Cilek,, Parisot and Scallywag to name but a few. There are also UK based business who will custom make for you, to your specifications, however these tend to me rather more expensive. For more manufacturers of bunkbeds in the UK and Europe visit Thuka Bunkbeds, Stompa , Parisot, Scallywag and Kidsaw

Comfortable Bunk Bed Mattresses

Quality mattresses are important to help get a good and relaxing nights sleep. Make your choice wisely and try out some bunk bed mattresses in a few stores before you make any purchasing decisions. They are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and filling options therefore you should be able to find one within your budget.

Flooring Materials for Bedrooms

Kid's bedroom floors attract a lot of traffic and wear and tear... from mucky feet, to spilage of paints, food or ground in crayons! It's therefore necessary to have flooring that's hard wearing and easily cleaned on a regular basis. Materials such as laminate or wooden flooring are very practical, however tend to have very hard surfaces which aren't the most suitable for trips and falls. Carpet is a much softer and warmer product, however carpet tiles are the most flexible option to choose, offering hardwearing, warm, soft flooring which can be scrubbed or easily cleaned, and in cases of tough staining, replaced tile by tile. A wide variety of carpet tiles are available in many textures, colours and price options.

Where to Buy Your Bunk Bed

A large selection of childrens furniture ranging from a car bed to a bunk bed is available from All furniture supplied is from well known manufacturers such as Stompa, Thuka and Scallywag to name but a few. They are even now offering a delivery and assembly service, which should take the hassle out of trying to build it yourself!

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